About Us

A one-of-its-kind shopping platform, Shop In Rail is an innovative shopping chain-link between the Vendor and the train traveler, catering to the needs of customers in travel mode. The idea behind the formation of the portal was to provide customers with a convenient and comfortable platform that would respond instantly to the needs of various train travelers across India at the railway stations and time of their choice.

Shop In Rail will have tie-ups with reliable and respectable names providing Food, Medicines, Electronic Gadgets, Transportation, Hospitality accommodation, etc and form an effective chain-link across India. For instance, Shop in Rail is planning to serve Food, General and Medicines, Mobile / Laptop / Camera accessories, Taxis at Railway stations, Hotels near Railway stations, City Tours / Tour Packages from Railway Stations etc.,

The train traveler need not search for each and every service; all the services are centralized at one point through Shop In Rail. This will make it easy for the traveler to get food or any other product of choice at the projected destination railway station on time, barring an unforeseen contingency coming in the way.

How it Works?

Various products related to Food, Electronics, General and Emergency categories are made available online for the train travelers. With decent choices, the traveler will get to purchase the product online and the item is delivered by the vendor at specified chosen Railway station.

Once the purchase is made, goods will be dispatched to the seat or at the Railway station based on the train timing and availability of the product from the chosen Railway Station.

NOTE: Each Vendor will have Preferred Delivery Timings, Preferred Order taking Timings, Minimum time required to deliver the order and minimum purchase amount. The customer has to take into account all these factors and accordingly make the right purchase decision.